Comprehensive Financial Sites

  • The Motley Fool
    Motley fool provides analysis on current happpenings within the marketplace, stock advisors, guides to investing stocks and funds, and personal finance tools. (A no-fee membership is required)
  • MSN MoneyCentral
    MSN Money Central provides articles and analysis for those looking for assistace in investing, banking, planning, and taxes.
  • Yahoo! Finance
    Yahoo Finance provides investors with indepth market news and research, stock fundamentals and research, and educational resources for investing.
  • CBS Marketwatch
    CBS MarketWatch provides profiles for publicly trade companies as well as current and historical news and stock fundamentals.

Fundamentals Research

  • Zacks Investment Research
    Zacks provides indepth financials and fundamentals, rankings, and company reports on stocks.
    Reuters provides news which affects the market as a whole as well as news which affects stocks individually. Information such as key financials, ratios, short interest, quotes, and charts is also available.

Financial Directories

  • Superstar Investor
    An in depth directory, Superstar, provides links to investor resources, trading trends, stock analysis, and market information.

Active Trading

  • Pristine Day Trader
    Pristine Day Trader is a site dedicated to educating investors how to become an active daytrader. Site features include newsletters, chat rooms, lessons, research and reports.
  • The Rookie Day Trader
    The Rookie Day Trader promotes themselves as the starting point to becoming a sophisticated investor. Their objectives include introducing and emphasizing the risks involved with trading in the stock market, and guiding you through the process of learning trading as a business and learning to trade.
  • Traders Accounting
    Traders Accounting provides tax consulting, entity formation and 401(k) services that help you efficiently establish and maintain your trading business.

Global Investing

  • provides commentary on ADR's, the latest ADR news as well as information on the top performing ADRs

Technical Analysis

  •'s products and services include realtime data services, andvanced commodities and equities analysis, trading signals, and technical market analysis. (Paid membership is required)
  • BigCharts
    BigCharts provides profiles for publicly trade companies as well as current and historical news, charting and stock fundamentals.
  • Stock Valuation with Sense
    Stock Valuation with Sense provides education on statistical and analytical methodologies on investing in the stock market
    The site focuses on providing charting tools, educational materials, advice and real-world examples needed to master the art of technical analysis and become a successful investor. (Paid membership is required, but free content is also available)

Chats & Boards

  • The Raging Bull
    Raging Bull is a collection of financial message boards where users can Post messages and read messages by others, track their favorite boards and members, and create and manage their own public or private board in Member Forums

Personal Finance

  • Bank Rate Monitor
    Bank Rate Monitor provides users with helpful hints and information on mortgage rates, auto loans, personal financing, debt consollidation, investing, and many other topics to help manage your lifestyle and your finances.
    Quicken provides software for helping you track your portfolio, finances, debt obligations, and taxes.

Financial Assistance

  • FinAid
    FinAid provides information helpful for those looking to apply for scholorships or financial aid.
  • Sallie Mae
    Sallie Mae, the nation's leading provider of education funding, primarily provides federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), and offers comprehensive information and resources to assist students, parents and guidance professionals with the financial aid process.


    IPOhome provides new IPO investors with all the essential IPO market terms, tips and strategies needed to avoid the pitfalls while successfully participating in this potentially lucrative market.

Financial News & Information

Investor Education

  • American Association of Individual Investors
    The American Association of Individual Investors specializes in providing investment education in the areas of investing basics, financial planning retirement, comparing mutual funds, stock market investing, and improving your investment portfolio. (Paid membership is required)

Currency Rates

  • Oanda
    Oanda provides real time currency rates as well as currency tools that allow you to calculate exchange rate conversions and research historical rates.

High Tech

  • Red Herring Online
    Red Herring Online provides articles, newsletters, and research all focusing on the high tech industry.

Mutual Funds

  • provides education, Q&A, anaysis, and investor opinion covering the mutual fund market.
  • provides investors with fund advice and recommendations, market trending and investment tools. (Paid membership is required)
  • FundAlarm
    FundAlarm is a unique website geared toward funds in that its goal is to help the user know when to sell a fund as opposed to when to buy.

Market Data

  • INET
    Inet's research and tools offer data on time and sales, Inet's top 100 list, and the INET BookViewer


  • Bureau of the Public Debt
    Find information about savings bonds, upcoming auctions, results of past auctions, and much more. With the free Savings Bond Wizard you can keep track of your bonds and what they're currently worth.
  • Investing in Bonds
    Investing in Bonds provides a comprehensive database of information on fixed income offerings.
    A source on the Internet for completely unbiased information on preferred stocks and other exchange-traded income investments.

Investment Club Resource

Canadian Funds

  • Fund Library
    The Fund Library is an information resource sponsored by Canada's leading mutual fund companies. Services include the ability to maintain personal portfolios, receive e-mail updates of fund prices, chart and examine data. (A no fee or Paid membership is required)
  • Globefund combines The Globe and Mail's wealth of mutual fund daily data with published articles from Canada's most authoritative financial journalists, background profiles on funds and fund companies, and a learning section that is ideal for new investors or potential investors.

Socially Responsible

  • Calvert Group provides a full range of interactive tools and information on Calvert's investment products and socially responsible investing.

Real Estate

  • Realty Stocks
    Learn about Publicly Traded REIT's, Real Estate Operating Co's & Mutual Funds.

Options & Futures

  • Chicago Board of Trade
    The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), established in 1848, is a leading futures and options on futures exchange. The site provides quotes, product info, and fundamentals on futures and options on futures.
  • Options Industry Council
    The Options Industry Council (OIC) is a non-profit association created to educate the investing public and brokers about the benefits and risks of exchange-traded options.